Message From The President

We are naturally drawn toward community. We are naturally drawn toward bikes. We all start young. A community for youth, using bicyclists as a catalyst to draw out the power that young people have. That's the joy we look forward too as a council, and a joy I look forward to as an advocate of this work. #Fun #Friends #Freedom - Joshua Funches

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Board Member


Become A Board Member?

If you're looking to help young people and a national effort, then you've come to the right place. We are pro bike, pro youth, and pro development. As a board member you will be part of the efforts in business development, funding, partnerships, and at times project execution. We are very much a team, and no one person does every thing. We work together to keep the youth council members working on council duties while the board works on keeps the organizational structure alive.

Email with the Title "Welcome to the board" and in the Body please let us know your interest in joining, and maybe, include your passion for bikes!