How Does The NYBC Work?

We work like any other council or advisory; we come together for a common cause on behalf of our peers.


As a National Council hosted by youth we aim to boost awareness of the possibilities we seek to achieve and awareness of the     audaciousness needed to doing them.

More clarity and examples for membership coming soon, until

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How NYBC Membership Works

We split our efforts into two categories:

- Members: Actively committed individuals who directly work toward the council’s goals & initiatives. 

- Resources: Resources are individuals who are willing to contribute information to the council in their own time to better forward its initiatives. 


- Have a chance to access member only sponsorships and awards

- Receive training and resources to become a team player


- Get early access to the NYBC's info

- Benefit from helping others all around the country

Anyone simply interested in staying up to date with what we are planning should definitely look to the subscriptions below.

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