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When looking for new council members we look for any one of the following characteristics :
- Ability to be part of a remote team
- Leadership skills
- Responsibility and more 

Good things to know before joining: 

- What Discord is
- How to check your email
- Familiarity with different Time Zones

- This is a youth-friendly space

To become a council member, fill out the form on the main page!

The difference between an Advisor and a Council Resource is that you help sustain the council's ability to operate. Our advisors help us in their areas of expertise or knowledge. We grow as a council, and with the addition of advisors we grow as young adults. Advisors also have higher commitment levels than Resources.

These are the areas of expertise we are currently looking for help in:

- Legal Assistance

-  Social Media and Outreach

- Technical help (Website/List Serv/Suites)

- Marketing / strategizing 

Don't hesitate to email for a description of any of these positions as well as the specific advisor requirements.

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