Press and Results

100% of the youth on the council agree that the council is meeting expectations and sticking to the mission.

Every member on the council is empowered within their own community as leaders: be it engaging, leading or reaching out.

- 2020

Words of NYBC members

The NYBC has encouraged me to be more active in my community. I started to realize how much I can actually change. I now focus on other things I can change outside of the cycling community.

- Luly K

We are the first National Youth Bike Council there is.

- Lot F

The NYBC helped me think about the roles and positions a council needs. I actually figured out what a board of directors does too.

- Zoe M

Press Below

NYBC Spring Ride

Hosted a ride in the neighborhood, left from Please Touch Museum and headed to the Ace Adams Field for a little game to wrap up the ride. Read on what made the ride so special.

Hint: First NYBC Ride in Philadelphia!

~                     ~

NYBC & the

Philly Bike Expo

There is ton of thanks here for the event and in the work of the NYBC members. The NYBC volunteered at this year's PBE 2019. The turn out was fantastic and the event itself was inspiring and outstanding!


Awesome job to the NYBC members for being active in their communities.

~                     ~

To Marc and Bria: not only do you have have a diploma and college in mind, but you also have the support and cheers from the NYBC! Congratulations!

We support your passion for cycling and community advocacy and we wish you success with your post-secondary education.

~                     ~

We Are Proud 

And Confident!

Lot is an up and coming leader, an exceptional NYBC member, and now today, a Graduate of High School!

Please join us in congratulating Lot in his post secondary education! We'll continue to support him as he goes forth and shows others what youth cyclist look like and are capable of!

~                     ~

We Are Proud 

And Confident! 2.0 (2020)

 Wow! Join us in wishing two of our dominating members a successfully experience in college: Adiva and Zoe!

Wow Congratulations!

~                      ~

We are advancing in our biking career, so of course, we must advance our wardrobe.


We are releasing this new slick look that promotes visibility and a slick design.

Bright New Look

~                     ~

Many thanks to Bicycle Coalition Greater Philadelphia (Randy LoBasso) for having us in these trying times as we speak up and speak out about youth cyclist and how we are being effected. 

Way to go! Elevate youth voice!

~                     ~

Are you listening? What have you heard?

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