100% of the youth on the council agree that the council is meeting expectations and sticking to the mission.

Every member on the council is empowered within their own community as leaders: be it engaging, leading or reaching out.

Words of Council members

The NYBC has encouraged me to be more active in my community. I started to realize how much I can actually change. I now focus on other things I can change outside of the cycling community.

- Luly K

We are the first National Youth Bike Council there is.

- Lot F

The NYBC helped me think about the roles and positions a council needs. I actually figured out what a board of directors does too.

- Zoe M

Press Below



Outride Research Summit

Starting at 38:00 in the link below, Council member Bria brings the council to the Outride Research Summit!

Outride funds youth-bike-programming directly and we believe it's important for an event made to benefit youth has youth voice in it!


NYBC Jersey

Brand New Look

As we advance in our biking career, so of course, we must advance our wardrobe as well.


We are releasing this new look that promotes visibility and a slick design.



National Youth Bike Council Spring Ride

Hosted a ride in the neighborhood, left from Please Touch Museum and headed to the Ace Adams Field for a little game to wrap up the ride. Read on what made the ride so special.

Hint: First NYBC Ride in Philadelphia!