Spring Back On Bikes



Spring Back On Bikes Campaign is a campaign to encourage youth to try simple DIYs on their bike to help them get back out and ride.

For youth, done by youth.


Throughout the spring there will be a chance to get reposted if you show off your DIY! Use #SpringBackOnBikes2021


Norte - Michigan

Youth: Grady 

The Council

Youth: Job 

Ghisallo - Texas

Youth: Tons Of All Stars!

Bicycle Coalition Youth Cycling 


Youth: John

Prepare for Spring

Youth: 1/2 Half

Bike Works - Seattle

Youth: Zoe & Erika

* We partnered with the above lovely young folk and their bike organizations to bring you some simple DIYs! Thank you so much to all the participants!

* We envision that this spring, the demands for bicycles will not be decreasing. There is a way to skip the line and possibly avoid it all together with a little #SpringBackOnBikes