How Does The NYBC Work?

We work like any other council or advisory; we come together for a common cause on behalf of our peers.


As a National Council, we aim to boost awareness of the potential cycling can have on youth.

Some of the things NYBC members do while serving on the council:

- Host/participate local rides in their communities 

- Contribute to the planning of the annual Youth Bike Summit

- Volunteer at local bike shops & events

- Participate/volunteer in bike conventions and shows 


How NYBC Membership Works

We split our efforts into two categories:

- Members: Actively committed individuals who directly work toward the council’s goals & initiatives. 

- Resources: Resources are individuals who are willing to contribute information to the council in their own time to better forward its initiatives. Resources help and support when they can.


- Have a chance to access member only sponsorships and awards

- Receive training and resources to become a team player


- Get early access to the NYBC's info or prizes

- Benefit from helping others all around the country

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Want to speak with us? 

Email us at or reach out to us on social media!

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