How Does The NYBC Work?

We work like any other council or advisory; we come together for a common cause on behalf of our peers.


As a National Council, we aim to boost awareness of the potential cycling can have on youth.


How NYBC Membership Works

We split our efforts into two categories:

- Members: Actively committed individuals who directly work toward the council’s goals & initiatives. 

- Resources: Resources are individuals who are willing to contribute information to the council in their own time to better forward its initiatives. Resources help and support when they can.

Some of the things NYBC members do while serving on the council:

- Host/participate local rides in their communities 

- Contribute to the planning of the annual Youth Bike Summit

- Volunteer at local bike shops & events

- Participate/volunteer in bike conventions and shows 


- Have a chance to access member only sponsorships and awards

- Are part of the bigger picture

- Receive training and resources to become a team player


- Get early access to the NYBC's info or prizes

- Sign up for our newsletter

- Benefit from helping others all around the country

General Supporters:

- Follow us on Social media

- Join our discord

- Keep an eye out for volunteer opportunities


-  Directly help the council  and their  following

- Build their professional opportunities with other advisors across the nation

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Want to speak with us? 

Email us at or reach out to us on social media!

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