It’s not as complex as one would think. The equation becomes complex when you add in all the benefits of joining a national youth cycling council.

In two sentences: 

We become empowered and enabled by peer motivation for the well-being of others in multiple communities. Young people have the opportunity to develop adulting skills, leadership skills, and a healthy lifestyle with the National Youth Bike Council.


Being on a National Council is not only about representing the council’s image, but also about representing  yourself. We encourage a healthy mindset through healthy habits to promote mental well-being while on our bikes. It benefits us by boosting our positivity, clearing our minds, and sets a motivating mood for community engagement. We grow healthy.


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The communities we are a part of are one of the main reasons that council members join our cause. These are the communities we serve, the communities we advocate for, and the communities we help. Council members utilize our resources to go out of their way to help, building positive aggression that stretches beyond the individual. We grow community.


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We foster youth development, education, and safety with all seriousness. All members receive internal council influences to promote personal development. We believe that youth have the advantage of starting early. On the National Youth Bike Council we have the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve by developing valuable skills at an early age. We teach teamwork, emotional intelligence, and cycling education. We grow skills.


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The council cultivates youth leaders by providing realistic leadership experiences. Youth cyclists then exhibit leadership qualities while on the road or in the council, enhancing their ability to make quality decisions. By preparing youth to act responsibly we are adding to the poll of available role models, leaders, and mentors. We grow leaders.


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A key value on the National Youth Bike Council is responsibility. It is developed in all of our members and is vital to staying healthy, building community, building leaders, and educating our peers. In order to stay safe and healthy in our communities we must follow rules and guidelines while responsibly monitoring ourselves and others. We teach and encourage this in all aspects of members' lives, inside and outside of the cycling world. We grow responsibly.


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What’s the connection between enhanced living and being on a National Youth Bike Council?

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